The story of the Global Praying Hands® is really two stories that merge together and overlap in time and history like the fleshly body and the spirit are merged together in the one person and the temporal mundane earthly kingdoms and the eternal transcendent Divine Kingdom are parallel realms through the same time.

The Spiritual Transcendent Story of The Global Praying Hands®

[July 2019 version]

     In the beginning, the early history of Creation when the Earth was young and humans were newly created, the first humans and the descendants lifted their hands up in praise and prayer to Creator God, and God was pleased with their offerings of their prayerful praise, thanks, honor, and adoration.

     In short time, the first tribe was spiritually led to have both day and night ceremonies in prayerful honor of God. On one particular night on a full moon, members of the tribe had lifted up their hands to God in their circle. From the perspective of a member on one side of the circle, he/she saw the full moon is though resting in the cupped pair of hands, though knowing the moon was actually far away in the sky. But the site touched the person’s mind and stirred their spirit in the attitude of care and nurture of human souls. And the sight guided by the Great Spirit sparked the idea that God knows and cares for all human souls on Earth. The pair of cupped hands lifted up visibly represents to human need for communicating with and yearning for a relationship with Creator God and also evokes the sense of the invisible God’s care for humans, though this early human had no idea how big this Earth is and could not see the Earth as if from a vantage point in outer space.

     God’s Spirit (a.k.a. “Great Spirit”) planted deep within the soul of every human creature a yearning for a relationship with the Creator, a most fragrant balm for loneliness on the journey of earthly life to enduring spiritual fulfillment… for every generation and every tribe upon the Earth, in whatever cultures they have made for themselves, and transcends all political boundaries, nationalities, races, tribes, and languages… even to this day in which the Global Praying Hands has been manifested.

[All this material is copyrighted material and will be produced in a beautifully illustrated book and available to you on this site and Wheel House Publications site.

The Temporal, Legal, Particular Story of The Global Praying Hands®

     The Global Praying Hands® was created in early 2009 as the flagship image for the global interfaith prayer which was launched in April 2009.  It made sense to create the site as a sister site with products in support of the prayer site. The Global Praying Hands image® was conceived as an image to help inspire and encourage the peoples of the world to pray and meditate more, and to encourage all in faith and spirituality. 

     The Global Praying Hands® was copyrighted and Trademark registered in the U.S. Copyright Office in 2009-2010.

In 2009 to 2011, The Global Praying Hands® was under the imprimatur of Global Faith Org/Ministry and an endeavor legally named Dignity Services. Then with beginning the Wheel House Art and Publications endeavor, The Global Praying Hands® was placed under the Wheelhouse/Wheel House Art division under which it remains.

The Story of the Global Praying Hands

[2009 version]

In the beginning…God created the earth globe and set it in its determined path in the expanse of space.  God created it as the most beautiful planet for light years around.

In the expanse of time, God then made human beings to live on the earth globe, fashioning them as the most intelligent of all the animals on earth.  And God gave humans two hands, symmetrically placed upon the body for all of life’s necessities.  Of ultimate importance, though, God made humans as spiritual beings, not merely physical beings.  Yet, God harmoniously knit both our spiritual and physical natures into one being.   There is no schism of the body, mind, and spirit in the one person as God intended.

Thousands of years have come and gone, and human beings developed…