Prayer for Epidemic and Global Pandemic Dire Times

P. Wheelhouse, March 31, 2020

O GOD of this World and Universe,
Who has made us, and who has wondrously made us as Your word says, yet our bodies are vulnerable to strong viruses that can plague us. Plagues can swiftly strike fear in millions of people, and even cause many to die.
O God, we plea for your mercy and protection. Do not permit this plague to overcome our bodies. Give us practical wisdom to avoid inflected areas. And should we be exposed to the virus, please strengthen our immune systems that we not fall so ill as to be near death’s door.
But if we should be exposed and fall so ill, please send your healing hands of medical staff and equipment to care for us and nurse us back to health, unless it is your will to call us to our eternal home at this time.
We believe that every person you have made has a destiny, and you desire all to live forever with you in glory ultimately, after we shed these temporal fallible bodies subject to pain and suffering. But many of us have a…

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God bless you.