GP Hands Temple

Global Praying Hands Temple

(also called the Global Praying Servants Temple while it was live on the globalprayingservants site 2009-2010)

Global Praying Hands Temple 2009 Redhead
Global Praying Hands Temple

This original Temple live 2009-2010 on the globalprayingservants site was dynamic with full flash, movement and sacred music. The globe slowly rotated and the beam of light coming from above went through the globe and then the continents of the Earth were projected upon the Temple’s walls, moving around on the walls as the Earth rotated.

The music player had no less than ten (10) different music tracks from the major religious traditions. The player could be manually played according to one’s preferences. It was designed to actually be used online to facilitate prayer by users potentially around the world. Our apologies to any users who may have been disappointed when the site crashed in transferring the site to another hosting company.