The Global Praying Hands is a universal symbol and realization of the collective prayers around the world by billions of people of faith who direct their prayers to the One Ultimate Reality, most often referred to as “God.” The Global Praying Hands has been a continual representation of the reality of prayer globally since this site was launched in the spring of 2009, overlooking some hickups of periods of time in which the site was down when transferring hosts and/or rebuilding the site on a new platform.

     The Global Praying Hands site is not merely an informational site or to stimulate curiosity or create some interesting content for seekers or religion and anthropological scholars. It is purposed and designed to give you tangible products you can have in your homes, cars, offices, organizations, etc. to regularly remind and inspire you and touch and inspire others.

     The Global Praying Hands is also an artistic creation of Wheelhouse Art, created by, copyright, and trademarked by P. Wheelhouse of Wheelhouse Art and Wheel House Publications.

     In 2012, all the Global Praying Hands products have been dedicated to global peace.

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